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Therapist | Counselor

Michigan City Office

Michigan City Office seeks full-time or part-time Masters Level Therapist | Counselor to work with children, adolescents, and/or adults at its Woodland Avenue location in Michigan City, Indiana. Prefer counselor working toward licensure or already licensed.

Job Title

Therapist | Mental Health Counselor | Clinical Social Worker


  1. Master’s degree or higher in mental health field.
  2. Therapists at Family Concern Counseling will counsel with emphasis on prevention addressing the whole person: psychological, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical [how presenting concerns affect physical health].
  3. Work with individuals and groups to promote optimum mental and emotional health.
  4. Capable of teaching/counseling individuals to deal with issues associated with a variety of issues that may include: marital, pre-marital, anxiety, codependency, depression, gender, hopelessness, obsessions, compulsions, relationships, sexual abuse, self-harm, trauma, family, parenting, stress management; self-esteem, and aging.

We offer

  • Full-time Billing and Scheduling Staff
  • Intake, including insurance verification and initial authorization
  • Online scheduling system
  • Web-based assessment system—TherapyAppointment.com
  • Supervision opportunities
  • Competitive pay structure
  • Continuing Education allowance
  • Credentialing assistance

Specific duties will include:

  1. Clinical assessments, treatment, case management, consultation, referral and education according to the individual’s professional discipline.
  2. Services shall be provided in accordance with the established Indiana Mental Health Standards as well as within the scope of practice of the individual.
  3. Conduct psychosocial evaluations and provide therapeutic interventions including crisis counseling to individuals, groups and families as needed to facilitate.
  4. Evaluate the individual and family systems as well as assess client’s functioning within work, family and routines of daily living and identifies areas needing continued support, resources and treatment in order to assist clients.
  5. Develop, implement, and maintain partnerships with other community providers.
  6. Maintain HIPAA compliant records to reflect course of treatment and provide required documentation.
  7. Assess clients for risk of suicide attempts and intervene in crisis situations to assist clients.
  8. Lead and plan groups to address community mental health issues.
  9. Attend staff meetings, supervisory conferences, and other activities, which ensure the smooth functioning of clinical operations.
  10. Work closely with office personnel: reception and billing to ensure thorough client information
  11. Other duties as determined by the Clinical Director|Executive Team.

Professional Ethics

  1. Adhere to professional ethics reflective of professional association membership
  2. Maintain professional boundaries with clients and co-workers

Treatment Planning and Follow-up

  1. Develop and implement treatment plans based on clinical experience and knowledge.
  2. Modify treatment activities or approaches as needed to comply with changes in clients’ status.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of counseling programs on clients’ progress in resolving identified problems and moving towards defined objectives.

Professional Development

  1. Learn about new developments in counseling by reading professional literature, attending courses and seminars, or establishing and maintaining contact with other social service agencies.
  2. Maintain professional continuing education credits to maintain licensure.


  1. Possess a license from the State of Indiana that allows for the independent practice of Clinical Services. Acceptable licenses: LMHC, LCSW, LMFT and PsyD.
  2. Provisional licenses are acceptable for up to three (3) years as long as provisional license is current. Must maintain a professional license and stay current (not revoked, suspended, or lapsed in registration), valid and unrestricted.
  3. Therapy Appointment [therapyappointment.com] —or similar online HIPAA Compliant Medical Records system — Training Provided
  4. Comfortable navigating technology: online client records and internet phone—Ring Central — Training Provided.

Please Download the application below.

Email completed application to:
Ray Satterblomrsatterblom@familycounsel.org

  Counselor | Therapist Application

What We’re About…

We have a well-trained professional team of counselors who are licensed and trained to help you live a healthier life.  Our counselors have a vast array of experience in helping individuals, couples and families change their lives for the better.

Everyone we counsel gets treated with the utmost care and specialized attention.  We are grateful that you chose us to help you.  For this reason, we are happy to take your phone calls, answer any of your questions, and we will work with your insurance company.

We are licensed social workers and mental health counselors who offer Christian counseling.  However, we respect your rights to your own beliefs and will not encroach upon those values.

We value and protect your privacy. We comply with HIPAA guidelines to keep your health information confidential and we are happy to discuss our process in how we maintain your privacy.